8 Correct Forklift operating procedures

Before continuing the discussion about forklift operating procedures, let’s first understand what a forklift is. Just to remind you that a forklift according to wikipedia is a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials / materials over short distances.

Actually, not everyone understands how a forklift works, only those who are used to working in warehouses or moving heavy goods.

For those in the world of logistics, forklift machines are certainly not something foreign. Forklifts or lift trucks have been around for more than 100 years. Forklifts were first made by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1906.


Correct forklift operating procedures

Before operating a forklift, you must first know how to operate it properly. Because, if you operate it wrong, it will risk the safety of the operator and the people around. Well, there are a few things you must know about how to operate a forklift correctly.

  1. Forklift Condition Check

Before operating a forklift, you should first check the condition of the tool. Operators are required to carry out checks such as on brake components, steering, poles, and tyres. If any component is damaged or not functioning properly, then you must fix it to ensure everything is safe.


  1. Use Personal Protective Equipment

Wearing personal protective equipment is something that must be done by a forklift operator. Generally, protective equipment such as helmets, shoes, and hi-visibility jackets are used. All of these equipment must fit the size of the operator’s body so that it does not feel loose or small which can result in work accidents when operating a forklift.


  1. Operators Must Be Trained

How to operate a forklift correctly is inseparable from the operator’s ability. Therefore, operators must be well trained and have a licence to operate forklifts.


  1. Pay Attention to the Surrounding Conditions

Before running a forklift tool, it is better for the operator to pay attention to the conditions or environment in the workplace. Firstly, operators must follow the existing guidelines. In addition, pay attention to other things such as safe height and floor load. This at least reduces errors due to high tyres or poles when moving goods into and out of the building.


  1. Drive in a Comfortable Position

When operating the forklift, make sure the operator is in a correct and comfortable sitting position in it. This will allow the operator to reach all the required equipment controls. Furthermore, make sure the operator is also wearing a seatbelt and that all body parts are within the limits of the operator cabin.


  1. Pay attention to the Forklift Mast

The next correct way to operate a forklift is to always pay attention to the forklift mast. Avoid anyone standing or walking under the load when the forklift is lifting goods. This risks causing injury or death when the load falls.


  1. Use Forklifts at a Safe Speed

Forklifts as heavy equipment must be used at a certain speed. Preferably, forklifts are driven not to exceed the speed limit. Minimise the risk of tipping by taking corners slowly. If you want to stop or change the direction of the forklift do it gradually.


  1. Forklifts are only for transporting goods

As a forklift operator, you must understand that a forklift is originally a vehicle for transporting or moving goods. Therefore, you should avoid letting other unauthorised people climb inside or on the pole when the operator is operating the forklift.


Hopefully the above material can help you in operating a forklift, thank you and hopefully it will be useful.


Source : https://andromeda.id/8-prosedur-pengoperasian-forklift-yang-benar/

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